domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Latest race on November 5th 2016

A great race last weekend,with great battles, double overtakings, crashes, curses... We all agree that the winner is usually the one with the best car, so Jesus, please, don't be too happy. Roca had to do an emergency pit stop because his car was not running enough. He claimed he got grandpa's car. Interesting that the organization stopped the entire race for that. After the change he got an even slower car. This was not Roca's day. The Canadian community did a great job with continuous fights and filling the top positions, except for the leader.
Phil broke the track's record and made an incredible fastest lap, the only one under 25 seconds.
This is the first time we account for points so we can consider the previous races as a warm up.
On to the next!

Championship: the rules

We are organizing a Championship to see who is the best driver EVER. Each race you get points so, probably the one who attends more races will win but hey, what can we do?
Here are the rules (this is something changing, so just let us know for anything we need to update).

  • The winner will be the pilot who has more points after 10 races.
  • There will (usually) be two sets of races in each tracks. Every pilot will get points based on the results of both races.
  • The points will be given based on the best average time, or the biggest amount of laps driven.
  • The points calculations are made as follows:
    - For each race we get the list of best drivers and assign them points as in Formula 1: 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 0 for the rest.
    - We add the points in race #1 and race #2 and create the final list of drivers.
    - We reassign the points again (25 for the winner, and so on) and get the final results.
  • There's also a special mention for best lap. We will keep track of each track's record.
  • Some notes regarding safety and driving etiquette:
    - In tracks with color lights, if the lights go red, you have to stop immediately. It's not fair to get an advantage because of this.
    - If the lights go yellow, "technically" we should reduce speed but well, that's not likely to happen. However, overtaking is forbidden with yellow lights.
    - If a car's front wheel is side to side with another car's back wheel, that should be considered as the first car earning the position so you shouldn't close his/her path. And more than that, do not smash him/her to the wall!
    - In general try not to crash, although sometimes it's inevitable.

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016

Welcome to Weta Racing

Weta Racing is born. The place where digital artists burn rubber on the real world. No more Mario Kart, this is the real thing.
Every two weeks we will organize a race in one of the tracks around Wellington. Stay tuned to this page for news on location and times.
Make sure you join the Championship! 10 races to see who is the best pilot.
Faster and Furioser!