domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Latest race on November 5th 2016

A great race last weekend,with great battles, double overtakings, crashes, curses... We all agree that the winner is usually the one with the best car, so Jesus, please, don't be too happy. Roca had to do an emergency pit stop because his car was not running enough. He claimed he got grandpa's car. Interesting that the organization stopped the entire race for that. After the change he got an even slower car. This was not Roca's day. The Canadian community did a great job with continuous fights and filling the top positions, except for the leader.
Phil broke the track's record and made an incredible fastest lap, the only one under 25 seconds.
This is the first time we account for points so we can consider the previous races as a warm up.
On to the next!

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